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Thrivent Financial for Lutherans

Thrivent Financial is not affiliated with, nor does it endorse or sponsor, the contents of this webpage or the website.

Thrivent Financial, which is known best for its financial instruments and other investment options, was formed in 2002 when the Aid Association for Lutherans merged with the Lutheran Brotherhood. Like both of its parent organizations, Thrivent Financial is known as a fraternal benefit society and is in fact the largest such organization in the United States. This faith-based, not-for-profit organization has over two and a half million members, all of which are able to take advantage of the sort of health insurance that the Lutheran Brotherhood began to offer in 1962.

Since Thrivent is a not-for-profit, faith-based membership organization, its main goal is to improve the wellbeing of its members. In order to accomplish this, Thrivent seeks to provide the best financial and health insurance options to its members. The various insurance services offered by Thrivent include life, disability income, long-term care, medical supplement, business and major medical. Long-term care and medical supplement insurance can be very important forms of health insurance, but major medical is the main form of Thrivent Financial health insurance on offer.

Thrivent Financial offers insurance through brokers all across the United States, but not all products are available everywhere. This means that you must contact a representative of Thrivent to determine if the product you're interested in is actually available in your state. If it is, they offer many health insurance options in the form of individual major medical insurance, short-term major medical insurance and high deductible plan insurance. These health insurance plans are each suited to different situations, so another thing to determine is which type of plan is best for you.

The individual major medical insurance plans offered by Thrivent provide many of the features you might expect out of large group plans. Some of these features include dental coverage, maternity leave and prescription drug cards. The short-term major medical plans can also provide a wide range of options and are well suited if you're currently waiting for other group coverage to start, unemployed, or need coverage for a shot period of time for any other reason. The high deductible plans are available to both individuals and companies with fifty or less employees. This type of plan provides coverage for catastrophic type situations with a high deductible. It may also be possible to pair these plans with federally qualified medical savings accounts.

Thrivent Financial health insurance can be a valid option for anyone who falls within their prescribed membership base, and can even be a time saver if you already make use of their financial services.

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