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Intermountain Health Care began operations on April 1, 1975. Prior to this, most of the hospitals in the area were operated by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. In 1974, the church ceased operations and instead, donated several hospitals to Intermountain. They set a stipulation that the hospitals must be run as non-profit. The hospitals and other medical providers serve residents of Utah and Idaho. They also employ well over 20,000 people. Today, Intermountain Healthcare focuses their services on cancer treatment, heart conditions, and women's and newborn's health care.

Intermountain Healthcare has provided services to more heart patients at their group of hospitals than any other health care providers in the area. They also perform more heart procedures than at any other hospital or surgery center in the region. Intermountain Healthcare is at the forefront for developing and implementing new treatments, procedures, and surgeries to help fight heart disease and other cardiovascular conditions. Each patient receives specialized and individual care depending on their situation at the lowest possible cost. They employ many physicians who are qualified in heart and cardiovascular health care. They strive to improve their patients' chances of surviving heart problems, as well as providing high quality Intermountain Healthcare health insurance at affordable prices.

Intermountain Healthcare also focuses on fighting several different types of cancer by using innovative technology and techniques to improve a patient's chance of recovery and survival. They employ a large network of cancer specialists who aim to diagnose and treat cancer patients. This care is often provided in facilities that are relatively close to a patient's residence so that they don't have to compound the stress of being ill with being far away from loved ones and support systems. Intermountain Healthcare health insurance permits more patients to enroll in clinical trials that are designed to test out new medications for fighting cancer.

Quality care during pregnancy is extremely important to guarantee a mother and health both during and after pregnancy. They strive to provide quality preventative care before pregnancy, thorough monitoring during pregnancy, extensive care during labor and delivery, and maintain follow up care after birth. They also have an expertly staffed newborn intensive care unit to care for babies with chronic and possibly life threatening conditions. By providing individualized care for each patient, Intermountain can boast of having a low rate of c-sections and complications during birth. It is worth taking note of all the good this company has done before going out to look for health insurance quotes.

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