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3 Ways Medical Insurance Can Cover Costly Liposuction Procedures


Are you wondering if and when medical insurance will cover liposuction procedures? While most liposuction procedures are considered purely cosmetic and therefore are not covered by medical insurance, there are rare exceptions to this rule. Before assuming your insurance company will cover the procedure, you'll need to get a quote from the doctor and submit this to the insurance company for approval. Not all insurance companies have the same policies, and your insurance company may not cover the procedure, even if another company does. The following are the three ways to get your medical insurance to cover a costly liposuction procedure.

Fatty Tumors

Sometimes fatty tumors require surgical removal. In the case of such fatty tumors, your doctor may prescribe liposuction as a surgical way to remove the tumors. You may be able to get your medical insurance to cover the liposuction-which could include removing more than just the tumors, but also some of the fat in the areas around the tumors-as a medical necessity.

Breast Reduction Surgery

If you need to have breast reduction surgery for medical reasons, your insurance company may cover the liposuction associated with the breast reduction surgery. To get this surgery approved, you will need to have documentation of how your breast size has negatively affected your health. You may need to show proof that your breast size has contributed to debilitating back and shoulder pain, and that your pain has precluded you from employment or productive activity. Once you prove the medical necessity, your insurance may cover the procedure.

Combine Liposuction with a Required Medical Procedure

If you want to get some of the costs of your liposuction procedure covered by insurance, you can do so by combining a liposuction procedure with a medically required procedure. This is most easily done if you already require one of the two procedures mentioned above, because you'll already be in the plastic surgeon's office, on his operating table, using his anesthesia. Because a large portion of liposuction cost is the cost of the anesthesia and use of the operating room and facility, you may want to take advantage of your insurance covering the basic costs (anesthesia, operating room) for the medical procedure that has been authorized by your insurance company, and then tack on extra liposuction procedures onto that. For example, your medical insurance may cover the breast reduction because of your back pain, but you could schedule the surgeon to also suction your flanks and abdomen during the same operation. This way, your actual costs for additional liposuction procedures will be lower, since those basic costs will be out of the way.

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